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Doing business today is harder than ever.  With increasing competition, shrinking margins, people issues and all the other challenges, business leaders are caught doing battle daily on many fronts.  The challenges never seem to stop long enough for you to catch your breath and step back for a minute.  We don’t have time to stop and reflect about where we are and where we want to go

Over the last decade, ProActive Leadership Group has been providing coaching and consulting solutions to meet the needs of organizations all over the world.

At ProActive Leadership Group, outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. We offer advice and support for every process and structure within your company – from short-term measures to long-term projects, from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations. We provide complete and sustainable solutions from A to Z.

Over the years, we have earned a reputation for excellence in the field of business consulting and coaching. Our straight forward approach, proven processes and focus on accountability separate us from our competition.



At ProActive Leadership Group, we focus on people, process and results.


Once we know where things stand with an organization, the next step is to determine where we want to go.


Growing a business is one of the biggest challenges any organization faces. We know, we have been there.


There is a leadership crisis facing many organizations. The old leadership is not effective and the people to step into those roles are not available.


If you need one-on-one or group coaching for your business, you will always see results improved with us


Coach Mike Mirau


Michael G. Mirau works with individuals and organizations to enable and inspire them to develop strategies to achieve their dreams. Mr. Mirau is a nationally recognized business coach to top executives and business owners in numerous public, private, and non-profit organizations. Mr. Mirau has over 30 years of practical hands on business experience. Mr. Mirau has worked with organizations in over 75 different industries varying in size from start-ups to the Fortune 50.

His approach helps organizations and individuals to recognize and breakthrough their existing paradigms in order to solve stubborn problems and generate non-traditional approaches to working through difficult situations. Mr. Mirau has been called the “Dr. Phil” for business owners because of his direct, no-nonsense approach. Mr. Mirau uses established proven processes to help clients get the results they want. His systematic approach allows his clients to understand and clarify their outcomes.


Bill Napolitano is a Gazelles International Certified Coach and the preeminent coach for the Automotive, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Construction, Insurance and Financial Services industries. His business experience, delivery methods and world-class tools enable average producers to become sustained, superior performers. This includes managers as well as front line employees. He installs proven, standard operating procedures (SOP) and developmental processes which result in sustainable improvements in cash position, sales, gross and net profit, CSI, employee retention and customer loyalty when followed.
He is an expert in transforming average organizations into remarkable, top producing, wealth building entities


ProActive Leadership Group is a certified provider and facilitator of the Four Decisions workshop and growth tools. Through our affiliation with Gazelles, we have access to education, tools and training from the top thought leaders in the world. Gazelles coaches are the top coaches world wide. The rigorous certification process ensures that only the best of the best are Gazelles Coaches.

I highly recommend Mike Mirau and Personnelity. Mike has more than met my expectations and is a valuable resource to me in all aspects of running my business. Mikes services were recommended to me by our CPA. After my initial meeting with Mike I was rather skeptical that I really needed the personal coaching and goal setting training he presented.

Michael W. DeTuncqPresident/CEO

You can not select a facilitator for staff or customer training than Mike Mirau of Personanelity Performance Solutions. In the past three years, Mike Mirau has facilitated seminars for youth customers and staff of Texas Neighborhood Services. I have been more than pleased with his performance in both areas as Mike takes great care to customize each training to fit the needs of the learners.

Tonya WarrenDirector of Youth Services

Four (4) years ago my business was 6 months old, we had a great 1st six months and with a little money in th ebank, I as a new business owner mad a couple of bad financial decisions. In a mode of desperation, I was referred to Mike Mirau of Personnelity.

Kim MorrisPresident

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Gazelles International Coach

There is a leadership crisis facing many organizations. The old leadership is not effective and the people to step into those roles are not available. There is a leadership crisis facing many organizations. The old leadership is not effective and the people to step into those roles are not available.