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About Us

  • First, ProActive Leadership Group provides two unconditional guarantees on all our services

    1.  Short Pay – If you are not fully satisfied with the value you’ve received, we ask that your give us an opportunity to correct the situation.  If we cannot to your satisfaction, you can pay the amount that you feel you’ve received as value to your company.

    2.   90-Day Out – At the end of 90 days, The Client can opt out of our Agreement if not fully satisfied with our work – otherwise we are agreeing to an annual relationship Agreement together.

    Second, we help improve the effectiveness of both the individual and the business – a powerful combination.  Some advisers simply work on the person and not the business or vice versa.  Our two-prong approach is unique.  We believe that you can’t improve the business without improving the person, and you can’t bring greater freedom and happiness to the person without re-shaping the business.

    Third, our process provides value on an ongoing, basis.  Unlike other consultants, coaches or trainers, we are not “here today and gone tomorrow”.  Our services are not a one-time event.  We form lasting relationships with our clients and help hold them accountable to themselves and their goals.  We help focus clients on discovering the highest and best use of their time and talents – to do more high-value, high-payoff activities.  After all, we help clients achieve more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

    Fourth, we know who we are and what we do well.  We are not “product pushers”.  We are not experts in our clients’ businesses/industries.  We never pretend to be.  We are consultants, coaches, facilitators, optimizers and mentors.  We are experts in facilitating processes that get results.  We are experts at helping business leaders to become more focused, effective and productive – to unlock the potential in themselves and their businesses. We are experts at asking the questions needed to discover the root of the problem or issue and then leverage our vast experience to offer solutions.

    Fifth, we deliver high value, both in terms of time and money for our clients.  We tailor our programs to fit the needs of our clients.  We are NOT a one size fits all program or solution. In short, we make it easy for a business leader to say “yes” to the help they need to get Improved Results.

    • Mike Mirau

      Michael G. Mirau works with individuals and organizations to enable and inspire them to develop strategies to achieve their dreams.  Mr. Mirau is a nationally recognized business coach to top executives and business owners in nu ...

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    • Bill Napolitano

      Bill Napolitano is a Gazelles International Certified Coach and the preeminent coach for the Automotive, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Construction, Insurance and Financial Services industries. His business experience, delivery methods and world-class tools enable average producers t ...

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    • Our Strategic Partners

      Gazelles International ProActive Leadership Group is a certified provider and facilitator of the Four Decisions workshop and growth tools. Through our affiliation with Gazelles, we have access to education, tools and training from the top ...

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You can not select a facilitator for staff or customer training than Mike Mirau of Personanelity Performance Solutions. In the past three years, Mike Mirau has facilitated seminars for youth customers and staff of Texas Neighborhood Services. I have been more than pleased with his ...

  • Tonya Warren, Director of Youth Services
  • Texas Neighborhood Services

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