As a business leader, it is harder and harder to get an entire organization aligned around the accomplishment of what is needed to take the organization to the next level.


The buck stops with you.  You have all the responsibility, but are dependent on your team for the results of your department or organization.  It seems like it is always something that is keeping the organization from performing up to the potential you know is there.  You have tried all the normal things you can think of, but there are no significant improvements.  You begin to question if you have the capability and capacity to take this team to the next level.  You are working as hard as ever and not seeing the results you want.  The complexities continue to increase and the solutions are getting harder and more expensive every day.

You have added people and systems, made investments of time and money and are just not getting the RESULTS you want or expect, and you are not sure what to do about it.


Imagine a business or department that runs on its own, with a clear well understood strategy for growth, with good people who are inspired, know their jobs and exceed your expectations. You have happy and satisfied clients or customers that come back and are your advocates in the marketplace or in the company, telling others about you and your team’s performance. Imagine being able to take time off and the department or organization still function at a high level and continue to produce results, even while you are on holiday.

Imagine having a clear focus for your responsibilities so that everyday you wake up inspired and enthusiastic about getting to work with your team to deliver the solutions that impact people and serve your community. You, your team and your business are really making an impact and difference.

Your business has a clearly established position in the marketplace with services that are clearly aligned with your customer’s needs. You deliver those services with incredible reliability and consistency, as well as, doing it all in a way that you meet or exceed your profit objectives.


Most business leaders struggle with having the results they want because they are caught in the “busy being busy” trap. They are working hard, but not getting the RESULTS. They keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. They can’t find good people, who are motivated and perform at a high level. There is no clear strategy or roadmap. Communication is a challenge and you are doing all you can do to keep up and deliver the services. You believe it will get better, but it is just not happening. The belief is that if you just work harder, everything will take care of itself, however it is not working. You are overwhelmed with all the complexities that come with leading the business or department, and are frustrated because no one told you about all this before you started.

Many business leaders are great at doing what they do, but struggle to lead others to perform at their highest level. Being a good manager does not make a person successful at leading others. Planning, Communication, Motivation, Discipline, and Accountability are all necessary components of any leadership role. It is extremely difficult to be good at all these things. You have brought in people in the past to help, but the RESULTS are just not there.


The good news is that there is hope. The common denominator in any business is people. People consume or deliver your services. People serve your customers. People are building relationships, good and bad on your behalf. People are the key to success across the board.

You can have the team you want and the performance you want to go with it. At The ProActive Leadership Group, we offer solutions to the vast array of issues business leaders deal with. We offer assessments, strategies, leadership development and coaching solutions to help business leaders to step off the roller coaster and develop the practical mindsets, strategies and accountability to achieve the RESULTS they want.

Our unique process allows business leaders to step back and reflect on what is really going on in their areas of responsibility. We force business leaders to face reality in their organization and decide what they really want from the team. We help business leaders develop a clear written plan of action to create the culture they want and achieve the RESULTS they seek. Most importantly we create an accountability structure focused on RESULTS and objective review as opposed to subjective perceptions. ProActive serves as a trusted advisor on all aspects of the business. Our leadership and business development processes help business leaders develop the skills and mindsets to improve dramatically their effectiveness in running their business and ultimately get the RESULTS you are looking for.


For over 13 years ProActive Leadership Group has been helping business leaders get control of their business, improve their results, earn more and have a significantly improved quality of life. Our proven processes inspire business leaders to go to the next level and become more “strategic” in their thoughts and actions. They overcome the things that hold them back and start doing the things that move them and their team forward. They have a crystal clear understanding of where they are going and what needs to be done to get there.

There is a clear accountability process that holds everyone accountable for achieving RESULTS.

If you want more from your business and a successful life to go with it, you owe it to yourself to talk with one of our asssociates. We offer a free strategy session to discuss your situation and what RESULTS you are looking for. We will give you some ideas on how things can get better and help you determine if having a partner focused on your success, makes sense for you and your organization.

If you are ready to get control of your organization and take it where you want it to go, you owe it to yourself to give us a call and set up an appointment.