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    • It Takes Guts to Run a Business

      I am sick and tired of business owners who don’t have the guts to deal with the issues in their business.  I hear excuse after excuse as to why they are in the situation ...

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    • Assumptions

      Have you ever drawn the wrong conclusion from a little bit of information or something you heard?  I know I have. Many times we will take information and jump to a conclusion without all the ...

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    • What happens when the lights go out?

      It was an interesting situation in the middle of the Super Bowl yesterday.  Right after the beginning of the 3rd quarter, half the lights in the Superdome went out, stopping play for about an hour.   ...

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    • Making Plans

      Planning is a good thing.  Growing up my dad always taught me to measure twice and cut once.  Taking time to plan and determine the outcomes you want, greatly enhances the chances you will get ...

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    • Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

      The culture of your organization is critical to success.  Here is a great article about the power of culture and gaining alignment around the core values of the organization.

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