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Helping Organizations achieve Improved Results Guaranteed!

Who We Work With

  • At ProActive Leadership Group, we work with some of the most progressive organizations in the world.  They are leaders in their industry and know that to grow and be scaleable requires commitment.

    Here are some the attributes of our most successful clients:

    We have Four Primary Types of Clients

    • Business Leaders, and Corporations

      You are the CEO or a key business leader in your organization. You are frustrated that the business and more importantly your people are not performing at the level you believe that they can. We can help you isolate your real issue and develop and implement the strategies to get the improved results you are looking for

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    • Small Business Owners/Franchisees

      You have started your own business or have purchased a franchise and you are finding that there is more to being successful at it than you thought. We work with people who have made the investment to own their own business and need help getting the business to deliver the results and lifestyle they dreamed of when the started.

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    • Self-Employed Professionals

      You are a Doctor, Attorney or CPA who has a practice that can do better, but you are not sure what to do. You are outstanding at your profession, but they never taught you the business side of running your practice and it is making you crazy. Our extensive background in working with professional services and healthcare organizations can help you get the business side of your practice under control and performing at the level you want and deserve.

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    • Social Sector Organizations – Maximizing Return on Impact!

      Some Times People Need Help! Social Sector organizations help fill a void in society by providing services and resources for people who have specific needs.  However, these organizations face many of the same challenges for-profit c ...

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Four (4) years ago my business was 6 months old, we had a great 1st six months and with a little money in th ebank, I as a new business owner mad a couple of bad financial decisions.

In a mode of desperation, I was referred to ...

  • Kim Morris, President
  • Pappy's Pet Lodge

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