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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Choose the Right Coach for Your Company?

    Do I Need ProActive Leadership Group’s Services?

    Isn’t it time that you earned more, worked less, and enjoyed a richer life? Ask yourself the following questions to see if its time for you to call ProActive Leadership Group and start achieving greater success, freedom and fulfillment.

    • Am I working too hard and making too little?
    • Am I prisoner to my business or my career?
    • Do I find that there’s just not enough time to do the things that matter the most to me?
    • Am I working too much “in” my business and not enough “on” my business?
    • Do I need to slow down and objectively review what’s working and what’s not in my business or career?
    • Do I need greater clarity of direction and goals?
    • Am I overworked and consumed by day-to-day details?
    • Has my productivity and effectiveness declined over the years?
    • Am I letting my loved ones down?
    • Am I experiencing too much frustration and not enough fulfillment?

    If you answered “yes” to any number of these questions, you are in good company. Most business owners and executives struggle at times to effectively manage their professional and personal life. Very often entrepreneurs and professionals start to lose focus, miss opportunities, adopt bad habits and underutilize their talents and skills. Their frustration level goes up and their personal freedom goes down. Its normal to become consumed by non-essential “stuff” and become overwhelmed and distracted by low-value details and low-priority activities.

    But that’s no excuse to continue to be bogged down by inefficiency and low-effectiveness. Its time to take control of your life and make decisions that will allow you to drive your success and balance your life. At ProActive Leadership Group, we help owners, professionals and managers focus on effective thinking and action. With clarity of their priorities and desires, we help these clients work less and achieve more. Your potential is there — our goal is to help you seize that potential and enjoy a richer life.

    We know your time is valuable to you. We offer flexible services that will allow you to become more focused and make more money in a way that fits your needs and schedule. Check out our services and find out how they can help you find the success you want and fulfillment you deserve.

    What is the difference between consulting and coaching?

    In a consulting relationship, the primary concentration is on your company’s operations and functioning as a corporate concern. Input is based on expertise as entrepreneurs, business persons, managers, and consultants. Consulting might involve thinking through a business problem, reviewing a business plan, or exploring ideas for an organizational restructuring.

    Coaching concentrates on you as a person.  A Coach helps guide you in making business and personal improvements and achieving your personal, professional, and business goal(s).  A Coach may work one-on-one with an individual or work with a group.  While working with a Coach, you make the decisions and own the results.  Coaching is not about telling someone what to do. It’s about asking the right questions, listening, guiding self-assessment, helping with options and goal-setting, providing candid feedback, and measuring results. Sometimes, a coach may need to constructively confront behaviors that are unproductive. Coaching involves a number of steps, starting with an assessment and ending with measured results.

    In Coaching, our role is as facilitators, advocates, and support systems. Coaching may involve redesigning your life to meet more of your needs, challenging you to dream bigger dreams and remain focused to achieve them, eliminating stress-producing habits, and calling you on the games you play that get in your own way. And sometimes, we are just someone you can talk to, who will unconditionally support you without judging.

    How is ProActive Leadership Group different from other coaches and consultants?

    • First, we provide a money-back guarantee on all our coaching services.
    • Second, we help improve the effectiveness of both the owner/manager and his/her business – a powerful combination.
    • Third, we know who we are. We are coaches, facilitators, optimizers and liberators. We are experts at helping owners, professionals and executives become more focused, effective and productive — to unlock the potential in themselves and their businesses. We help hold clients accountable to themselves and their goals.
    • Fourth, we are not simply trainers.  While we are not experts in our clients’ businesses or industries, we are experts in what makes a business work and what makes people perform better.
    • Fifth, we deliver high value, both in terms of time and money.

    How does Coaching Actually Work?

    Think of some famous athletes … more than likely, they have a Coach that is now (or has been) critical to their success!  It can be beneficial to have an objective person guide an individual (or team) in achieving a goal.  The concept of coaching is not something new.  For several years, however, business and career coaching has rapidly expanded as a profession and is utilized by individuals who want to improve personally and/or professionally.  Coaching can take many forms and ProActive Leadership Group has offers a variety of coaching services to meet the needs of our clients.

    ProActive Leadership Group provides group coaching in a professional setting and individual coaching either by phone or in person. Individually, we prepare in advance, and then meet typically for a one-and-a-half hour meeting each month. In group, meetings are held once per quarter. Typically, individual coaching involves developing a personal plan, then reviewing any changes you’re implementing, addressing new issues that have come up, and making progress on at least one or two longer-term goals you’ve chosen. We finish the individual coaching session with a debriefing to insure we are both happy with how things have gone. You will leave each meeting with actionable to do’s to help you chart your progress.

    In a group setting, coaching begins with an in-depth examination of your goals and needs, how your current work and home life fulfills those, and what you can do to close any gaps where they exist. Each meeting covers a new business strategy, but we return regularly to prior topics to monitor how your habits change as the coaching progresses, and to adjust strategies in anticipation of where you‘ll be in your next phase.

    How much time do we need to spend together to get results?

    Some groups meet monthly or once per quarter for a full year. Individual coaching plans vary in length from six months to a couple of years. Sessions are prepared beforehand, and end with specific action plans and assignments. Actual results may vary and will largely depend on how well we prepare together, and how committed we are to designing coaching plans that are high-impact and doable. You never work alone: together, we identify high leverage activities, and we help you do what it takes to turn them into results.

    Is Group Coaching less effective than One-on-One coaching?

    ProActive Leadership Group clients tell us that there is no noticeable difference. In fact, group coaching is often more effective. People can talk about issues more easily when they realize that others in the group have reached the same impasse. The lack of individual exclusiveness is generally more than made up for by the increased openness of the conversation.

    On the other hand, one-on-one coaching allows you to focus more on specific business strategies today rather than wait until it appears in the curriculum several quarters later.

    What is the difference between group coaching and monthly coaching?

    Group coaching takes place in a group setting. You and other business owners, and professionals, or an entire corporate team can be coached on interpersonal issues, goal-setting, or general group effectiveness. Group coaching settings can be ideal if there are several business leaders all grappling with similar issues, or several managers who must work together to produce results.

    Monthly coaching is all about you. It’s about helping you as an individual design the life you’ve always wanted; and helping you as a business person cope with business challenges and devise action plans together with your coach. Accountability in coaching is shared between the coach and the client. ProActive Leadership Group helps plan a direction, and the client commits to taking action to succeed.

    What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

    ProActive Leadership Group does not provide therapy. Coaching is about setting a future goal and acting to make the goal real. It is about creating and implementing a plan, once your decision has been made to commit to the process. If a client has conflicts or emotional blocks that get in their way, it may make sense to have them work through those issues with a therapist concurrently with coaching. The coach can then provide specific, detailed facilitation in creating a satisfying life.

    My other advisors and consultants provide all the advice I need. What can a coach add that would be of value?

    ProActive Leadership Group works with business owners who are often supported by advisory boards, peer groups, etc. These groups offer in-depth brainstorming and problem solving support. Sometimes, however, these groups can become “gripe” sessions dominated by the same few people. Our program does not allow this happen, as sharing time is focused and appropriately limited. Additionally, our strategic coaching program can be a great complement to these other programs. The ProActive Leadership Group programs provide you with a structured and recurring time-out from your business to create your goals and intentions.

    There is a legal difference, also. Legally, you and ProActive Leadership Group have no obligation to each other, except by mutual agreement. You can tell us anything, and we will listen non-judgmentally, and do whatever it takes to help you with the situation. You can have strictly confidential conversations with ProActive Leadership Group, without privacy concerns that may exist in other situations.



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