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Our Philosophy and Values

  • Our Purpose


    Our Why – We transform lives by being at the Epicenter of the economic engine for the communities we serve, which is small and middle market businesses and social sector organizations.

    Our How – We Educate, Inspire and Equip Leaders with what they need to achieve the greatness that lies within themselves and their organizations.

    Our What – We help companies get healthy and scaleable.

    Our Guiding Principles

    • We seek to glorify God in every aspect of our business. We commit ourselves to developing ourselves to the fullest potential so that we can accomplish God’s purpose for our customers, our business, and ourselves.
    • We are committed to using all of our abilities and talents to serve others and help them achieve their dreams and ambitions.
    • We are lifelong students and seek to leverage what we know, recognize what we don’t and learn what we need to, in order to accomplish our vision.
    • We truly care about people and where they are in life.We believe that we all have the same opportunities, and our results depend on our choices.
    • We believe respect is to be earned, not demanded.We believe favor is to be earned.We believe that you have to give before you can receive.
    • We believe in freedom, not bondage and seek to have freedom for our family and ourselves so we can do the things we are passionate about, when we want, where we want, and how we want.
    • We believe in abundance not scarcity.We believe there is more than enough to go around.The more we give, the more we get back.
    • We believe we all have a purpose in life.Part of our job is to help people discover that purpose and help equip them to accomplish it to the fullest of their ability.
    • We are creative and resourceful.We can see things in situations that many cannot.
    • We are experts at helping businesses improve in marketing, sales, leadership and organizational performance.We understand systems and processes and are very good at communicating concepts in ways people can understand.
    • We believe we have a responsibility to give back more than we take.


    Our Core Values:

    • Have the Heart of a Teacher – Remember that not everyone knows everything.  Deal with people to help educate them in a way that does not demean or be critical for them not knowing.  Share information openly and honestly.
    • All Relationships Matter – Every relationship we have is very important.  This includes our Customers, Vendors, Associates, and Community.  We want to be looked upon favorably in every situation.  We will never burn a bridge and will take responsibility if we make a mistake.  We value all relationships.
    • Learn Something New Everyday – We are committed to life long learning and will make a point to be open to new ideas and perspectives.  We seek knowledge so we can better serve our clients and community.
    • Tell the Truth with Kindness – Sometimes we have to deliver unpleasant news.  We will never sugar coat or minimize the truth.  We will however be kind and respectful in dealing with the truth.
    • Keep it Super Simple – Keep things simple so our clients and we can gain common understanding of concepts and principles.  Simple things are easier to implement and are more effective and transferrable than complex things.
    • Demonstrate Excellence – Be great at all we do.  Go above the expectation to create an UNBELIEVABLE Customer Experience.  Practice what we preach and be great at managing our business and ourselves.



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