There is a leadership crisis facing many organizations. The old leadership is not effective and the people to step into those roles are not available. What do you do? At ProActive Leadership Group, our leadership development solutions help you develop the leadership skills necessary to take your organization to the next level.

Executive Leadership Development

Success in today’s complex global arena is challenging, and the rules are changing. We can be assured of several things: the challenges facing us today will become even more intense; the speed with which change is occurring will increase, and the competition will intensify. To create and lead an organization that will maintain a competitive advantage during these turbulent times

Management/director Development

Over the last several years, management has taken on many new and complex dimensions. Advancing technology, changing values, and increasing competition have created new and excited possibilities for every company. The challenge facing management today is developing an organization that can achieve tomorrow’s goals while continuing to meet the daily balance these

First Time Supervisor Development

In today’s business, the team leader is the main link between the organization’s goals and the people who are responsible for the daily activities that make those goals a reality. Because of the necessary and integral role that this position plays, it is obvious that good team leaders are key to the success of any organization.

Introduction to Leadership

This situation clearly has a negative impact on an organization’s ability to grow and compete. A leader combines the vision and curiosity of a dreamer with the practical engineering of a builder. A successful leader is goal directed, looking forward with anticipation toward the attainment of measurable outcome goals. A leadership oriented person is a person who sets goals