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Strategic Sales Mastery

  • 20154293A One-time, quick-fix sales training does very little to change the long-term mindsets and results of your salespeople. Lasting change only occurs when your sales team engages in an ongoing developmental and accountability process.  Our proven sales coaching process is delivered in a highly interactive format designed to improve selling strategies, skills, habits and confidence.

    We guarantee our Sales Mastery Program will lead to better customer communication and satisfaction, shorter sales cycles, higher sales volume and more repeat business.

    You know your sales team can do much better. Why aren’t they?

    Most salespeople don’t utilize a proven sales process to uncover the buyer’s real needs or provide tailored solutions to meet those needs. They’re generally unprepared and often “wing it”. That’s where sales coaching and accountability can make a huge difference.

    The Strategic Sales Mastery Program is a powerful, guaranteed coaching process that can produce positive changes in your salespeople and better results in your profits.

    Maximize Sales With the Right Process & Mindset

    The key to your sales team’s success is to follow a proven process that effectively uncovers and meets your customers’ needs. This often requires a change in mindset. For your salespeople to perform at their optimum level, they must change the way they think and behave.

    Armed with ProActive Leadership Group’s Strategic Sales Mastery Process, your salespeople will improve their performance and maximize your bottom-line results. With the proper mindset, ongoing coaching and accountability, there are no limits to what your sales team can achieve.

    The Sales Mastery Program

    • Learn a strategic, proven and repeatable selling process
    • Receive ongoing coaching and accountability to improve and stay on track
    • Learn to overcome selling fears, bad habits and self-limiting mindsets
    • Leverage our planning tools and marketing strategies for superior results
    • Understand your customer’s needs so well that the product/service nearly sells itself
    • Develop deeper relationships, credibility and trust with clients, prospects and referral sources
    • Begin a never-ending process of growth and achievement

    It’s time to take your company to the next level with Strategic Sales Mastery  



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Four (4) years ago my business was 6 months old, we had a great 1st six months and with a little money in th ebank, I as a new business owner mad a couple of bad financial decisions.

In a mode of desperation, I was referred to ...

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