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Introduction to Leadership

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    How do we develop Leadership?  

    This situation clearly has a negative impact on an organization’s ability to grow and compete.  A leader combines the vision and curiosity of a dreamer with the practical engineering of a builder. A successful leader is goal directed, looking forward with anticipation toward the attainment of measurable outcome goals. A leadership oriented person is a person who sets goals and achieves results. Goals give an effective leader meaning and purpose, and serve as a continuous source of motivation in pursuit of organizational and individual success.

    While many books have been written about leadership, it remains, for many a misunderstood and elusive quality. The capacity for leadership exists in everyone, but most people never take the time to develop it. Leadership is determination, courage, confidence, and the ability to get results!  Personal Leadership assumes that goals can be accomplished, the job can be done, the problem can be solved, and the obstacles will be overcome. A person of excellence creates his or her future and drives the future success of the things they are involved in.

    The Process

    This Leadership process is a structured, open-ended pragmatic approach to personal growth. It is a process designed to help individuals develop the attitudes, skills, and qualities necessary for personal and organizational excellence.

    Three Essential Elements

    • Attitude Development – Attitudes are the basis of all behavior; therefore, in order to develop or enhance personal behavior, it is essential that we begin by developing positive, success-oriented attitudes.
    • Interpersonal Skills – Much of what a person is involved in and therefore accomplishes involves other people. To be effective in this continuous challenge it is important to learn, understand, and use interpersonal skills effectively.
    • Goal Setting – Personal Excellence, among other things, is the process of providing organizational direction and accomplishing necessary objectives. The goal accomplishment model provides the tools and process necessary to achieve more goals, more often, in order to maximize results and outcomes.

    Critical Issues Covered with this Process

    • Why Do Leadership Development?
    • You Possess the Ability to Lead
    • Preparation for Leadership
    • A Product of the Past
    • Formal Leadership
    • Goal Setting for Success
    • Building Success Attitudes and Habits
    • Developing Your Personal Goals Program
    • Turning Solutions Into Action
    • Understanding and Affirming Your “Self”
    • Managing Your Time
    • Communications and Human Relations
    • Decision Making and Problem Solving
    • Motivation
    • Continuing Your Personal Growth and Leadership

    With each program comes an individual Action Plan, which includes: 

    • Introduction to Personal Achievement
    • Dream Inventory
    • Self-Evaluation
    • Setting Goals and Establishing Priorities
    • Goal Planning Sheets
    • Personal Goals Program
    • Productivity
    • Time Management
    • Goals Summary
    • Goals Accomplished

    Clear Outcomes from this Program include:

    • Being More in Control of Your Future
    • Increased Income
    • Increased Career Success
    • More Personal Time and Freedom
    • A Clear, Focused Direction
    • Enhanced Skills and Abilities
    • Results-Oriented Attitudes
    • Developing Others Around You
    • Creating a Vision for Your Personal Life Direction & Decision Making




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