The daily challenges of business today never stop long enough for you to catch your breath: increasing competition, shrinking margins, employee issues, evolving technology, and more. It’s hard to step back, reflect, and think about the long view.

But the long view is critical to your success. ProActive Leadership will help you envision it in such a way that it makes a difference in what you do today and in the results you see tomorrow.

At ProActive Leadership Group, we focus on process, people, and results. We begin with the desired outcome and then develop the tactical steps to achieve results. We use proven processes to train, develop, inspire, encourage, and empower people to do what is necessary to get the results they want.

With a combined 50 years of experience, we have worked with more than 800 companies in 85 different industries, helping them strengthen their foundations and scale up to meet their goals. We help executives develop leadership, business strategy, organizational discipline, staff productivity, and increase profits as a result.

Can you accomplish these things without ProActive Leadership Group? Yes, you can. But it will take longer, cost you more, and be trial-and-error. We have the experience, the research, and the tools to help diagnose and solve your problems so you can reach greater levels of success. The processes we teach are proven methodologies. They work every single time.


Julie has served as a coach to executives and teams since 1990, with clients in more than 30 industries in South Central Pennsylvania and across the U.S. While Julie is focused primarily on mid-market companies that have aggressive growth goals, her clients have ranged from divisions of international corporations to nonprofits to small businesses.
Companies that have implemented her framework have seen results such as better cash flow, higher profits, and increased share of market. Equally important, while leading greater business achievement her client CEOs have greater peace of


As the founder of The ProActive Leadership Group, Mike strives to empower and inspire business leaders to achieve the greatness that lies within themselves and their organizations and to ultimately fulfill their purpose with passion and excellence.

His experience working with senior executives in large corporations, as well as small businesses, brings a unique combination of perspective, experience, and education, to help his clients get improved results and performance personally and with their organizations.

Mike provides business coaching and consulting to middle-market companies and non-profit organizations. He helps organizations get

Bill Napolitano

Bill Napolitano has a proven track record of success with business owners and executive leaders in dozens of industries. Working with mid-market growth companies, he is dedicated to building high performance teams, improving their cash position and business valuation, increasing their revenue and profitability to industry-leading heights. Among Bill’s specialties are attracting, developing and retaining superior performers; job benchmarking, and matching top talent to positions. He also provides professional coaching for retail automotive executives; developing loyal automotive sales professionals and senior leaders that are million-dollar producers. He helps companies to


With over 30 years of nonprofit leadership and management experience Nancy strives to inspire nonprofit leaders to achieve success both personally and for their organization. With a focus on leadership development, she supports nonprofit leaders to grow and evolve into lifelong learners. She is a passionate and enthusiastic advocate for her clients.

Her extensive experience working within the nonprofit sector and her MBA brings a unique combination of perspective, experience and education, to help her nonprofit clients develop effective nonprofit business strategies, grow their organizations and perform at a high

Darren Gardner

Darren has a 30-year career in Business, Leadership, and Information Technology with TXU Energy, Microsoft, ClubCorp, TeksInc, and Simpatico. Darren founded TeksInc in 2003, a multimillion-dollar IT company, which he sold to Simpatico in 2019. Darren lead the acquisition and served as Vice President of Customer Experience. Darren embodies a strong commitment to the Customer Experience.

Part of the role as owner of TeksInc was helping clients with their business challenges with systems, processes, and people. Darren’s business experience also includes owning and operating In The Pattern Flight School and