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The Challenge


The president wanted to have his entire staff more focused on the customer. There were production challenges and many jobs weren’t being completed on time. No clear, specific plans were in place. The president had some great ideas, but he often fell short in the implementation.

Solution Milestones


Customer Service development was conducted with the staff in the spring of 2007. Goals were set, which included an Executive Leadership process with the president and Management Development with the production manager.



Sales, productivity, liquidity, and profitability through 6/30/08 have exceeded our goals set at the beginning of the year. Over 75% of our specific action items have already been completed or put into progress during 2008. These action items included cross-training programs that have been undertaken and carried out by the staff. We challenged our staff to set individual goals in the 2nd quarter of 2008.

Some of these included a regular monthly internal newsletter; regular data backup procedures, and increased procedure documentation. We are proud to report that these are in place and operating efficiently.

One specific goal was to implement a consistent, regular, direct mail marketing program for our own marketing efforts. This began in May and we are consistently producing and mailing a minimum of two direct mail pieces per month. It is being sent to clients and prospects, and it is being extremely well received. We have become more creative and have introduced at least one new product directed toward the entertainment and sporting events markets. This product received great reviews in a “test” run, and is currently being evaluated by the local minor league baseball organization for use in their marketing efforts. We have also applied for trademark protection on this concept.



Continuing to coach the president, and currently using the Leadership process with the administrative assistant/customer service manager.

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