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Helping Companies Across Industries Achieve Their Goals 

How We Help / Our Services

At ProActive Leadership Group, the first thing we do is get to know you, your company, and your goals. We ask the questions and help you develop the answers. With that information and our expertise—over 100 years of combined business experience, working with more than 1000 organizations in over 100 different industries—we help you develop a dynamic, detailed, real-time business strategy to get the results you want.

Business Meeting

Strategic Excellence™ - Private Organizational Coaching

We work with your organization to develop your strategy to achieve your goals. We help you develop your leadership team and provide an execution system that will produce your desired results.

Leadership Development

Successful organizations have great leadership.  We believe leaders are not born but developed.  Our leadership development programs equip your emerging leaders with the skills to take your organization to the next level. 

Strategy Development

We support development of business strategy using the most sophisticated tools and resources in the world.  We challenge assumptions and make sure your strategy will deliver the results you are looking for.

The ProActive Business Forum™ - Group Coaching

We work with organizations in a group setting to provide private-level resources to smaller growing organizations who might not have the resources needed for private assistance. Our Group program is an affordable way for those companies to get help.


Our organizational assessments have been used around the world to evaluate some of the most successful companies out there.  Our individual and leadership assessments deliver high value and information to help people and organizations improve. 

The ProActive People System™

Most leaders have never been professionally trained in how to have an effective people system in their company.  Yet people is typically the largest line item on the income statement.  We have assembled the best tools and resources to help you develop a custom people system for your company. 

Call Us to Schedule a Strategy Session – 1-866-ToGoPro
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