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The Challenge


With a downturn in the economy, pressure from other internal and external financial obligations, and increased competition from the many other non-profits, the nonprofit organization was forecasting a reduction in donations. The traditional success model was changing. Establishing relationships at high levels with local organizations and returning each year to ask for donations during the campaign period needed follow-up. The team needed training on using a consultative selling approach to expand their relationships within current and potential sponsor organizations and a process to create donor loyalty. As the campaign season was rapidly approaching, the entire relationship team needed to coordinate their efforts using the same consultative selling techniques and set specific goals to achieve measurable results.

Solution Milestones


After meeting with the leadership of the organization, a customized Donor Loyalty development program was created. The process combined consultative selling skills and training with the RAC Customer Loyalty process to establish and strengthen relationships at every point of connection. Assessment tools, such as the RAC Attribute Index were given to team members, so they could get a better understanding of themselves and the strengths to be improved upon throughout the development process. Goal setting, establishing priorities, and understanding potential obstacles to achieving their goals were all-important takeaways from the development process. Armed with this procedural change, the leadership team and staff proceeded to create key account profiles, establishing where they stood with each account, and what the targets were for the next two years in advance. Together the team determined success metrics using a matrix of short-term and long-term goals.



The Donor Loyalty process led to the organization working more strategically. Key accounts were contacted and more relationships within each account were established to build customer loyalty and prepare for changes within the sponsor organization’s management structures. Strategies were developed for all key accounts focused on specific goals and actions to enhance the relationship throughout the account creating loyalty.



A group session was held three months after the Donor Loyalty development process ended to reinforce what was working and identify areas for process improvement. The new strategic approach, using consultative sales skills combined with building more, long-term relationships at every point of donor/ customer contact has the organization on track to reach their goal. The process and related goals will be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure that Donor Loyalty is continually being achieved throughout the organization.

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