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Have you ever drawn the wrong conclusion from a little bit of information or something you heard? I know I have.

Many times we will take information and jump to a conclusion without all the facts and data. We will decide if something is good or bad, right or wrong, based on our own filters of understanding and experience.

We have all heard the saying about assume making a “#$%@@#” out of you and me. When we look at things and situations through the lenses and filters in our mind, we do jump to conclusions.

When we hear things we make decisions on whether it is true or not, and whether it affects us or our company.

Sometimes these assumptions are taken as facts and then action taken on them. If the assumption is wrong, then energy and effort is expended for no reason. This is one of the reasons why gossip is so damaging to team and company unity.

One of the keys to dealing with these assumptions is to ask 3 key questions:

1. Is the information factual or someone’s opinion? Many times when we look at the facts, we draw different conclusions. We should ask questions to determine the credibility of the information before taking action.

2. Does this have a direct impact on me or my organization? Many times we will chase a rabbit on something that has no direct impact on us or our organization. It is a distraction and takes away our focus.

3. Is this something that has to be dealt with right now? These situations can take our focus away from our objectives and tasks.

Next time you are caught in a situation that is based on assumption, ask the 3 questions and see if your conclusion is the right one. Then take the appropriate action. That pause can help you take the right action for the right outcome.

Have a great week.



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