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Eliminate the 4 Biggest Business Frustrations

People Issues

Cash Flow Issues

Lack of Clarity of Direction

Lack of Disciplined Execution

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If you have been putting off getting help with your business, and now you are ready to do something about it, you are in the right place.  We have designed ProActive Leadership Group to help Business Owners and CEOs create a healthy and scalable business that is a joy to run, with a team of passionate and committed people, who consistently meet or exceed your client's expectations.  All while achieving record revenues and profits.


Key Benefit 1

Improved Financial Results

Key Benefit 2

Lasting Culture Change - a People

Plan that Works

Key Benefit 3

Clear Direction and Focus

Key Benefit 4

A Business Operating System that Delivers RESULTS!

About ProActive

We are a team of some of the finest business coaches in the world.  Our cumulative real life business experience is well over 100 years combined.  We have worked in over 1000 organizations in over 100 different industries over the last 20 years.  We are seasoned professionals with experience and tools to solve your most challenging business problem.  

Business Meeting

Why Choose Us / Who We Work With

Growth Oriented

We only work with Growth Oriented CEO’s and Business Owners.  If you are looking for the status quo, we are not a good fit. 


We only work with people who want to grow and have massive improvement in their organization. 


Our Coaches have multiple senior-level certifications in all the top coaching organizations.  We have proven powerful tools and the knowledge of how to use them to solve your most pressing issues. 


We can help with growth, financial performance, people issues, process issues, and improving the level of engagement in your organization. 


Our Strategic Excellence Process is a proven methodology that provides clarity and focus for your organization as well as a communication strategy that improves performance and eliminates confusion and mistakes.


Our Organizational Health Assessment helps you see how your organization measures up to the best practices of the most successful companies in history. It will help you identify the “hot spots” that can lead to improved results consistently.

Trusted by Top Companies


Hear It from Our Clients

“Working with ProActive Leadership Group was one of the best decisions I have ever made about my business.  We were stuck and did not know what to do.  Mike came in and helped us get clarity and map out a plan to move forward.  Working with Mike, we accomplished all our major goals and set records in revenue and profits.  I highly recommend Mike and ProActive to help you get your business unstuck. ”

Joel Tardy

Culligan Water of Lubbock

How Do We Make Your Team Better? 

Improved Communication

Better Data Driven Decision Making

Your Team will Begin to Think Like Business Owners

Clear Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountability

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